Saturday, 20 June 2015

Vauxhall comes out on top for the 11th year running

Vauxhall has managed to produce the most commercial vehicles in the UK for the eleventh year running – beating its closest rivals by a significant number of units. The manufacturer managed to turn out an impressive 53,465 Vivaro-type vans from its Luton plant last year, while 5,373 Astravans rolled off its Ellesmere Port production line.

Hoping to cash in on some of the popularity, Renault is now producing its own version of the popular Vivaro, the Trafic, from its partner Nissan’s Barcelona plant this year. They should be available to buy in the UK later in 2013. Vauxhall UK Chairman and MD, Duncan Aldred said;

‘We are very proud of our manufacturing bases here in the UK, especially as we enter out 11oth year. Vauxhall has been building ans selling vehicles in Britain without interruption since 1903.’

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